Susan Cunningham, CEO Novatar Productions

Jim has consistently provided effective Professional Selling Skills training for my reps and great coaching training for me over the last 8 years. He is always available when I call for help and his understanding of the selling process and how it specifically translates to his clients individual business model is a huge asset. I would highly recommend his services for ANY sales organization..regardless of how seasoned the reps and managers may be. 

Jeff Ravreby, Eastern US Optical Sales Manager at Costa Sunglasses

Jim Ullery is one of the best sales trainers in the country. If you are looking to develop "sales people" that will become "sales professionals" that understand every step of the sales cycle, you should hire Jim. He is truly outstanding.

Bernd Bahlke, CEO and Managing Director at IHI Charging Systems International GmbH

Attending Jim's Sales Pro Professional Selling Skills class was worth every penny to my organization. Jim utilizes a straight-forward teaching style that delivers the curriculum in a coherent fashion. Simply stated, my sales career was more successful after attending Jim's class.

Alex Hoffer,  Hoffer Plastics, Vice President Sales and Operations

Jim Ullery is an award winning trainer and consultant for a reason. He delivers. His ability to motivate, inspire, and change behavior through his training programs is nothing short of superior. And I appreciate Jim not only for his Professional Selling Skills but his integrity and concern for the best interest of others (clients and colleagues) as well.

Roger K. Allen, PhD., Owner at Roger K. Allen

I attended Jim's Professional Selling Skills course during a time in which my company was attempting to land the contract to supply porcelain tile to a large national account restaurant chain. During the class, Jim spoke about creating a call planner that would allow us to create the basis of what we wanted to cover in our call. This "real world" scenario, along with Jim's guidance, helped prepare us to think about all the possible objections that we might come across during the actual call. I am happy to say that we landed the account and I really feel that it's because of Jim's assistance in preparing us for what objections we would face and how to overcome them. I would recommend Jim and his courses to any sales organization that is looking to increase their productivity and closing success.

Scott Bocketti,  Director of Sales at Creative Materials Corporation

We hired Jim to train our sales force in Sales Pro Professional Selling Skills  Jim provided ride alongs with reps being in an observatory mode and giving feedback to our President. Jim coached our regional managers in person and on teleconferences to begin to train them as leaders and coaches. Jim continually received high marks from the reps and regional managers. 

Jim is a professional and brings much energy in what he delivers in his programs. A long term relationship with Jim has been beneficial. Our relationship with Jim has gone beyond our sales team into areas of upper management and leadership, customer service and beyond. He is a pleasure to work with and his smile and personality is contagious.  

Sharon Moran, Silhouette Optical, Sales and Product Liaison