Based on Professional Selling Skills Principles

 The goal of our  Fearless Selling Tips Live Webinar Series is to    help salespeople improve their selling skills.  During these  60-minute webinars opportunity will be provided to have some of your sales questions answered by Jim Ullery.


There is no fee for the webinars and anyone may attend as many webinars as they would like 


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Addressing Customer Concerns August 5, 2019 - 2 pm EST

 In a perfect world, customers would not raise any sales objections. Sales Pros would precisely identify each customer’s needs, and then present a carefully crafted solution that neatly addresses each of these needs. Customers would then, clearly understand how they would benefit and quickly make a favorable purchase decision.

In the real world, customers raise concerns and these can take many forms – e.g., no Money, no Urgency, no Need, etc. Many sales pros are quick to respond to such concerns with mechanical responses, such as “I know how you feel, many of our current customers felt the same way, but what they found…,” and then try to close the sale. While these type of responses have a place in a sales professional’s tool kit, a more effective approach is to prevent concerns from being raised in the first place by addressing the root cause of the concern early in the sales process.

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Probing Skills October 3, 2019 - 3 pm EST

 Naturally inquisitive, children love finding and working things out for themselves and they are constantly exploring, investigating and discovering. Their brains are buzzing with questions about everything they see around them. And it's this natural curiosity of the world that fuels their development. Curiosity and adventure is an essential part of the way children learn. Curious George shows this over and over. With Curious George, children develop creative thinking, problem solving skills and the ability to make friends. In our Sales Pro – PSS program we strive to bring the inquisitive mind back to the salesperson.

Not asking good or even enough questions has a direct impact on the quality of product and services representation you provide your customer and employer. Habituating the art of asking questions enables you to gain deep insight, develop more innovative solutions and to arrive at better decision-making.


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Asking for Referrals December 4, 2019 - 4 pm EST

 Referrals have always been the single most valuable commodity a salesperson can acquire. The more references a salesperson can collect, the more income he/she is going to make. After we have created a new client, it is time to start selling again. We must sell the new client by giving us some referrals.

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Addressing Customer Indifference

Bridging Skills

Opening the Sales Call