We are Sales Enablement Facilitators

We provide your sales force and leadership team with information, content, and tools that help the organization sell more effectively. We believe that shareholders, investors and company owners are entitled to extraordinary returns on the investment they have made in your firm.

In a recent study of a mid-size manufacturing company using our process increased deal win rates by 240%, nearly doubled forecast accuracy, cut deal slippage in half and increased by 60% the number of sales representatives that made quota. 



During a busy economic time frame, many sales organizations earn “failing marks” on the development and advancement of the skills of their salespeople, sales managers, sales coaches, or their sales leadership. 

Why, you ask? 

There is an adage that states that “a stopped clock is right twice a day.” When the business environment is right, the rationale is keeping even a bad sales team in front of clients will produce wins. 

So, the idea of “sharpening the saw” never happens. Poor sales results become the norm when times are less than ideal; the attitude shifts to preserving capital by NOT investing in the development of the sales force.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” —Abraham Lincoln

Sadly, these firms are settling for less than the best! Our process is not a "cookie-cutter" approach.

Our ideal starting point is to understand what your sales organization currently does entirely.  Your status quo consists of a system of both small and large elements that have evolved over many years. Changing anything like these elements means chaos or disruption.

So, very carefully and with as much individual buy-in as we can all of the elements of your organization's sales processes are considered. Whatever connects with the problems we jointly identify will allow us to decide what you want to create. Your sales team and leadership will only add a new process if all of the natural resources have availed of first.

Your sales process and organization is perfectly designed to get the results that you currently are getting!  We believe that there is much more to discover and create.


Ensuring Management Support

The successful implementation of Sales Pro – Professional Selling Skills (PSS) training requires involvement from all levels within a company. For participants to use the skills that they learn in our classes, they must understand and be assured that the company encourages the continued use of the skills. For this reason, any initiative must have support for the individual direct manager and/or coach. Beyond that, the C-Level leadership of the company will need to view the status of improvement from 30,000 feet if the improvement is not happening drilling down to determine why it is essential.

Training is just the beginning of the behavior-change process. To develop and perfect new selling skills, ongoing reinforcement, and practice. Our organization wants to remain fully involved with you in your implementation of the skills that your people have been introduced to. We do this by formalizing our coaching process with you on an ongoing basis. 

Superior sales outcomes are the result of putting a process in place post-training to help ensure the transfer of learning.

Sales Manager and/or coaches need to help participants continue to practice the skills acquired in the program.  We work with Sales Managers and/or coaches in the development and delivery of 90-minute skill practice sessions using one of three methods: live classroom, online Zoom meetings, or a teleconference. These sessions can be conducted with any number of participants. We suggest that a minimum of three participants take place.

Topics currently include (as the need arises new topics are developed) :

•    How your customers see you

•    Using closed questioning to confirm understanding and the customer's compelling events/needs

•    The use of thinking questions

•    Strategic questioning

•    Transitioning

•    Profiling your product

•    Closing effectively

•    To close or not to close

•    Listening

•    The connective skills

•    Addressing indifference

•    Advance addressing indifference: Leveraging exclusive benefits

•    Resolving customer concerns

•    Resolving skepticism

•    Resolving a misunderstanding

•    Resolving a drawback

•    Showstoppers skill practice

•    Planning a sales call

•    Skill review exercise

•    Building skill models


How We Will Work Together


In an ideal world, our firm will not rush into providing your company with a just sales training program. Many sales training instructors do this and leave companies like yours stranded without direction once the first sales training event is over. No matter what approach a company like yours takes in the development of its salespeople, you have to consider how the momentum will continue. We provide Sales Manager & Coach training for a minimum of one year to assure the full transfer of skills.  Most of our customers maintain the relationship establishing new goals and measures each year.

At the start of each relationship, we encourage that we get to know each other. Jim Ullery has found that the more he knows you and your salespeople, the more successful your companies results will be. In most long term relationships, Jim travels with salespeople on actual sales calls and learns first hand about your product offering and a variety of the skill levels of your people. During this time frame, he listens carefully to the strategies, structures, and systems that make up your organization and its selling initiative. Regular debrief meetings will take place with the sales leadership and the C-Level executive responsible for the delivery of extraordinary financial results to shareholders and company owners.

Your salespeople are in the critical role of supporting their customers buying decisions. They have a perspective on selling to categories of customers that are like one another. Finding the essential data about the needs of each client is redundant from customer to customer. The problems that each of these customers has is similar as well. Dentists will have the same or similar issues as other dentists, and dairy farmers are facing the same challenges with prices, tariff regulations, and health issues of their herds. Chemistry development firms have the difficulties of maintaining strict confidentiality on the development of new formularies. The customers of the dairy farms, dentists, and chemistry development firms live in environments that acquiring a product or service is a tiny portion of their responsibilities. As a result, your salespeople must find these threads of current reality.

When people live with a problem, it becomes normal for them. The status quo for them is about living with the current situation. We teach that the most significant competitor that we sell against any product offering is the status quo. Just because the salesperson on your sales team sees a problem or a circumstance with the potential to be resolved with your offering, it does not mean the customer automatically has a need. Disruption in companies current reality is often resolved with a workaround.

It is incumbent that we provide your company with more than sales training. We need to help you make a focused determination that manages the variables that have created your current results and have maintained the results that you currently get.

In the chart above, our role is to take responsibility for asking Facilitative Questions that identify your companies current reality, and it's status. Our responsibility is in the red vertical lines. Your company is responsible for making decisions around all systems issues that would be affected by a change in the Reality Decision Funnel. These become the newly outlined processes identified by blue horizontal lines.

Two Step Process

  1. STEP ONE - We help Your Company make an active decision that includes all the unique variables and includes a solution that matches your criteria.
  2. STEP TWO - Position our training and support to respond to the solutions that Your Business problems must resolve.

Online Sales Training


Online live Zoom meetings

You will meet with your instructor one on one or in a small class setting. Between these sessions you will work on material that we have dialogue about in the live sessions. Connection is easily accomplished with a cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

  • Online Sales Training - live, video, webinar, independent study approach. NEW watch for release.
  • Sales Pro - Professional Selling Skills PSS Class -  public sessions or private sessions.
  • Sales Manager/Coach Training - mentorship at least one year working together.
  • Sales Enablement - We collaborate with you on the development path for your sales.

The Elements of the Process of Decision Making $8,795 for the full C-Level team with engagementThe foundation of our sales enablement facilitation starts with the reality that no one likes change. Least of all selling organizations. We assist our clients in examining: We assist our clients in an examination of their status quo.   

  • Typically, this consists of a multitude of small or large elements present in their system of selling and coaching of the sales teams. 
  • Change means disruption. 
  • We will help you examine the status quo and the collective vision that your sales team has currently in place.

All change initiatives will take into account any variables that make up the status quo and have created the identified problems.  Information does not teach people how to decide. People only add new resources if all familiar resources have been tried first. All elements that touch the problem are incorporated into a solution, so chaos does not ensue without a clear outcome defined.

Public or Private Sales Pro - Professional Selling Skills (PSS)

Sales Manager and/or Coaching

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Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Questions for Your C-Level and Sales Leadership


Where is your sales organization now?

What is missing?

How did it get the way it is now?

How can we fix the challenges with tools that are recognizable to all?

What elements need to be managed so that we can bring in a sales enablement solution with a minimum of disruption?

We have enjoyed decades of relationships with clients that tell us they want to train their sales people. Unfortunately, it is rare that those same firms invest in the development of the sales managers, sales leaders and the C-Level Executives on their responsibilities to the development of the sales force. Many do not even come to the sales classes, yet they expect through some miracle to be in a position to coach their people.


There is a reason this happens and is a part of the reality of the antiquated structures in sales organizations. These models date back to days long gone in selling. 

A 2014 study from Constellation Research quantified the accelerating rate of change in the enterprise by examining a simple benchmark — the entry and exit of U.S. corporations in the S&P 500 index.

In 1958, corporations listed in the S&P 500 had an average stay of 61 years. By 1980, numbers from research firm Innosight reveal that the average stay had declined sharply to 25 years. In 2011, the average tenure dropped to 18 years. At the present rate of churn, Innosight’s research estimates three-quarters of today’s S&P 500 will be replaced by 2027.


Digital Disruption is the Primary Catalyst of Change


While the Constellation study is careful to say that companies rise and fall for many reasons, digital disruption is clearly responsible for a large share. Research shows that since 2000, 52 percent of companies in the Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired, or ceased to exist as a result of digital disruption. The collision of the physical and digital worlds has affected every dimension of society, commerce, enterprises, and individuals.

No industry is immune, most of all the process of selling

Successful sales organizations have learned that digital disruption is more than a catalyst of unrelenting change. It is also the foundation on which can be built new business strategies that are able to move and evolve at the pace of consumers, businesses and markets. These are companies that have embraced transformation as a way of life and are using digital sales technologies to accelerate their growth.

This goes far beyond having glorified CRM systems

  •  We do not take a position on which CRM system should be used in a sales organization.
  • We do not even advocate that a CRM is needed. Could you be as effective with 3 x 5 cards or that old Rolodex?
  • We know that salespeople do not use their CRM to full capacity or at all.
  • Implementation of CRM systems that organizations have invested in fall short of optimized utilization.
  • Most CRM systems were imposed on sales forces without getting their buy in.
  • Coaching on the proper use of CRM is not provided.
  • Lacking full acceptance or support from salespeople and sales leaders who “avoid confrontation” CRM systems are not aligned with identified solutions and benefits for stakeholders, shareholders or owners.

Sales Training - $1,795 Per Salesperson

Our experience demonstrates that most sales organizations are on board with providing sales training to their people in the field. This is how our organizations has made its relationships with its Sales Pro – Professional Selling Skills (PSS) program. The basis of this program has been research as to what is happening in the world of selling models. Each year we examine the findings and modify our sales curriculum as appropriate to optimize the sales win rates, accuracy of predictions, deal slippage and to increase the numbers of sales representatives that make their quotas. The program provides:


Uniform need satisfaction selling processes

Defines the steps of a sales call:

  • Opening
  • Questioning or Probing
  • Transitions or Supporting
  • Closing

Dealing with Customer Concerns

  • Drawbacks
  • Indifference
  • Misunderstandings
  • Skepticism

Bridging Skills

Levels of Listening

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Sales Manager and/or Coach Training - $1,795

The structure of all training requires strong coaching of the concepts and ideas taught in the sales classes. The difference between an amateur and a professional is that the professional has a coach. Sales managers want salespeople to make quota. 


Any sales manager was put in that role for a number of very specific reasons:

  • They were successful salespeople
  • They know the company’s products and services
  • They know the market and customers
  • They know who the competition is and how to beat them
  • They know what a successful sale looks like, because they have traveled that path many times before.

In short, a sales manager is a tremendous resource to salespeople in their pursuit of making quota.  

Sales managers are challenged with scheduling time with their sales people to discuss account strategies, competitive strategies etc.  They are pulled in a hundred different directions, so when salespeople do meet with them it tends to feel more like an interrogation session than a   

coaching session. Our model teaches how to get right into deal analysis and the application of the ideas which were presented in the Sale Pro – Professional Selling Skills (PSS) program.

As a sales manager/coach we provide you with the specific data that you need. Without this data it is like being a track coach with only the final race times available. All that track coach can advise it to – RUN FASTER!

Successful Sales Manager/Coaching provides five things:

  • Identification of the specific area(s) to be coached
  • That the performance levels be measurable (both current & desired)
  • That the coaching be performed on real life situations
  • That the coaching be carried out in real-time
  •  A sales enablement manager/coach 

The Pay-Off:  Sales Manager/Coaching

  • Time: Elimination of scheduling issues & one-on-one deal reviews
  • Effectiveness:  Real deal data, done in real time, when it’s needed
  • Geography: Can provide effective coaching to a geographically disperse team. 


Frequentist Statistics tests whether an event (hypothesis) occurs or not. It calculates the probability of an event in the long run of the experiment. A widespread flaw found in the frequentist approach, i.e., dependence of the result of an analysis on the number of times duplication of the test can happen.

Bayesian statistics is a mathematical procedure that applies probabilities to statistical problems. It provides people the tools to update their beliefs in the evidence of new data.

Given this background what is done with a properly implemented selling process is to surrender the traditional selling models that date back into the 1930 and the more modern consultative approaches in favor of working with a prospect to assist them in the design of want they want a selling system to produce.

We start with a facilitation approach that dictates that our predetermined process not be imposed on a prospect, its leadership, or salespeople. There must be buy-in at all levels.

A recent implementation with our process defined six things about the deal the prospect was desirous of working on:

  • How well it’s qualified
  • Likelihood of winning it
  • Probability of it closing by the forecasted Close Date
  • What additional Information you need
  • The next steps to drive the deal forward
  •  Should you Forecast it – is it a commit or upside


The resulting use of our process increased deal win rates by 240%, almost doubled forecast accuracy, cut deal slippage in half and increased by 60% the number of sales representatives that made quota. For all a defined path by a real deal was outlined for sales managers, coaches, and enablers to build the sales team.

  • Where is your sales organization now?
  • What is missing?
  • How did it get the way it is now?
  • How can we fix the challenges with tools that are recognizable to all?
  • What elements need to be managed so that we can bring in a sales enablement solution with a minimum of disruption? 


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